What is Wicked Fantasy?

“Wicked Fantasy is a brand new (Pathfinder) setting book focusing on ten races. It has been a year-long project for myself and Gillian Fraser, re-creating the “generic” races found in most fantasy roleplaying games. We re-designed humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings, and then turned our attention to orks, gnolls, ratmen, goblins and kobolds. Ten races, all with a wicked twist.

Our re-envisioning effort met with much critical applause with reviews calling the new races “brilliant,” “sometimes near genius,” and containing “lessons every gazetteer should look at.”

-John Wick

Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter

How About the Setting?

The races are everything in this setting. They define it.

The Reign of Men…

are an expansive empire with a focus on the ideologies of philosophers. As they grow in populace, their need for expanding resources grows in turn. And so they continue to expand into unfriendly territory.

The Orks…

are former evil who rose up, killed and ate their gods. No longer bound to the evil they once worshiped, and having the power of the gods passed through their blood, they hold wastelands and plains as their territory.

The Uvandir (Dwarves)…

are amorphous creatures that came up from the ground along with the Haffuns and Gnomes, fleeing from some ‘evil’ on the other side of the world. They have taken to the mountains over the last two-hundred years.

The Elves…

are an ancient race bound to the trees of the great forests. Their lifeforce is in direct link to a specific great tree, and losing that bond can mean losing oneself. From there there are a number of other races mixed within the Reign of Men and the world around them.

The Haffuns, Gobowens and Roddun…

work within the boundaries of the reign of men, each fulfilling their people’s specialties from the loopholes and diplomacy of humanity.

The Dach’youn (Gnolls) and Gnomes

sit on the fringe of the Reign of Men and the territories of the other races, navigating within their own cultures.

About this Campaign


Every other Sunday afternoon. We will probably start at 2 PM PST (5 EST) most game days.


I have three players now. I’m looking for five.

What’s the plot?

We are deciding on a group dynamic on June 23rd. The rest will be decided from there. What’s most important to me, is the group dynamic.

The Reign of Men and the Lessons Forgotten: Wicked Fantasy

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